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Psychology is one of 26 subjects at Karlstad University that offer a research programme.

The subject of Psychology has over 30 staff members and belongs to the Department of Social and Psychological Studies within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Department also includes Gender Studies, Social Work, and Sociology.

Research in Psychology focuses on several different areas, from clinical specialisations to the psychology of everyday life. For the advertised position, we are looking for a doctoral student with a focus on knowledge that can benefit practising psychologists. Examples include developing and testing new treatments and interventions, validating existing methods, or providing fundamental knowledge about mechanisms and phenomena with the potential to influence behavioural changes and/or well-being.

We are looking for a doctoral student with the ambition to develop research in the specified field. Applicants are required to submit a brief research plan for the intended research area.

Qualification requirements and selection

To be eligible for doctoral studies, the applicant is required to meet the general and specific entry requirements and must be considered to have the ability required to benefit from the studies (Higher Education Ordinance, Chap. 6).

To meet the general entry requirements, the applicant must have been awarded a master level qualification; satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits were at master level; or acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad. To meet the specific entry requirements for doctoral studies in Psychology, the applicant must have completed courses of 120 ECTS credits in the main field of Psychology with a progressive specialisation; hold a Degree of Master of Science in Psychology or Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy; or in some other way have acquired equivalent knowledge, in the country or abroad.

An important factor in the appointment is an assessment of the applicant’s capacity to successfully complete a programme at the doctoral level, for instance on the basis of previous independent projects at the bachelor level, essays, and other publications that indicate an ability to conduct research independently; as well as other qualifications. Research experience and a completed degree in Psychology are valuable qualifications. 

A high level of proficiency in Swedish and English is required to be able to complete the programme successfully. 

Special weight will be given to the attached research plan (max. 1,000 words) for the intended research area (proposals for the theoretical framework, purpose and research questions, and method).


The doctoral studentship comprises four years of full-time studies (240 ECTS credits). Duties may also include teaching, research, or administration of no more than 20% of full-time. The term duration will then be extended accordingly.

The salary for the doctoral studentship corresponds to the standard level of salary for doctoral students at Karlstad University. Start date at the earliest convenience, as negotiated. The position is based in Karlstad.

Admission to doctoral studies

Admission is based on individual assessment of the applicant’s capacity to complete a programme at the doctoral level successfully.


The applicant should include documents that verify eligibility and facilitate an assessment of qualifications.

Submit the application via the University’s web-based recruitment tool, Varbi. Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application in accordance with the advertisement and for ensuring that the documentation allows for objective and qualitative assessments. A complete application should be submitted by the application deadline. An incomplete application may jeopardise a fair assessment of qualifications. Include at least two references.

The application should include: 

  • A list of qualifications with attested copies to verify the information offered.
  • Academic transcripts/qualifications, degree certificates.
  • Essays/degree projects at the bachelor or master (60 or 120 ECTS credits) level and any other documents that the applicant wishes to be considered.
  • A research plan (max. 1,000 words) including proposals for the theoretical framework, purpose and research questions, and method.
  • Any other documents that the applicant wishes to refer to in order to confirm his or her capacity to complete a programme at doctoral level successfully.

Attach all the documents and publications you wish to be considered to the electronic application. Do not just provide links. Documents that cannot be submitted electronically should be sent to:

Karlstads universitet
651 88 KARLSTAD 

Application deadline: August 16, 2021 

State the ref.no. REK 2021/110 

We look forward to your application!

To find more details about admission, the application form, a general syllabus for the subject, rules and regulations, and general information, go to https://www.kau.se/en/education/programmes-and-courses/other-education/research-programmes-karlstad-university.

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Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment By agreement
Salary According to local agreement
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100 %
City Karlstad
County Värmlands län
Country Sweden
Reference number REK2021/110
  • Lars E Olsson, professor och ämnesföreträdare, + 46 54 700 24 98, Lars.E.Olsson@kau.se
  • Fredrik Hjärthag, proprefekt, +46 54 700 22 70, Fredrik.Hjarthag@kau.se
  • Jessica Westman Trischler, studierektor, + 46 54 700 12 37, Jessica.Westman@kau.se
Union representative
  • Thomas Bragefors, SACO, 054-700 1714
  • Denita Gustavsson, OFR, 054-700 1434
  • Tony Ingemarsson, Lärarförbundet, 054 700 1404
Published 20.May.2021
Last application date 16.Aug.2021 11:59 PM CEST

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