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The Faculty of Health, Science and Technology is seeking a research engineer to be placed at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, which consists of the two research subjects Mathematics and Computer Science, has around 90 employees. Computer Science is one of Karlstad University's prioritized research environments and focuses on mobile networks and distributed systems, cybersecurity, and software quality.

Currently, 5G/6G and low latency services are among the key research areas. Among other things, we are working with external partners to run a measurement platform for 5G/Satellite and building a test environment for future flexible and programmable communication networks (6G). As part of our experimental research and testbed activities we are taking part in a new Horizon Europe project, 6G-PATH. 6G-PATH aims to foster the development of new technologies supporting 6G and to validate advanced use-cases in the area of health, education, smart cities and farming in 6G trial sites. Therefore, we need a research engineer that can help develop our 5G/6G research infrastructure and drive work in the 6G-PATH project together with computer science researchers and external partners. 


The duties consist of technical development, support and assistance in building and maintaining 5G/6G testbeds, with an initial focus on the 6G-PATH EU project, as well as actively contributing to research through software development and support in data analysis and measurements. Duties also include participating in the daily work of operation, maintenance, and development of the IT environment within computer science. The work is carried out independently but in collaboration with other researchers in the 6G-PATH project and a local support group. The position also includes collaboration with other parts of the university and the surrounding community, and it is therefore important that the person who may be suitable for the position has a good ability to collaborate with other groups.

To contribute to a good working environment and the development of operations, you are present and participate in the daily work and community.

Common tasks include:

  • Setup of 5G/6G test beds (system design, installation, configuration, integration)
  • Participation in data analysis and measurements in collaboration with researchers
  • Contributing to project deliverables and reports
  • Program and system development for research and educational projects 


Eligible for the position is someone who has a PhD in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or IT or equivalent.

The applicant will contribute in European projects and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is international. Therefore, it is important that the applicant is proficient in English, both in speaking and writing, for the position.

Assessment Criteria

Great emphasis is placed on research experience and practical knowledge and skills in some of the areas of testbeds, data communication, 5G/6G, audio/video processing, augmented-, virtual-, and extended reality technologies (AR/VR/XR), software development in Linux environments.

Great emphasis is placed on the personal qualities of the applicant, such as collaboration skills, ability to establish good relationships and ability to take initiative.

Besides English, knowledge of the Swedish language in speaking and writing is also considered meritorious. If the candidate lacks proficiency, it is expected to be actively acquired.


The position is a permanent full-time employment. The start date is March 1, 2024 or by agreement. A trial period may be applied.


Karlstad University values the qualities that equal gender distribution and diversity bring to the operations. We therefore welcome applicants of all genders and with different backgrounds, functionality, and life experience.


The application is made through the university's web-based recruitment tool Varbi. As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete in accordance with the advertisement, that any documents in a language other than Swedish and English are translated, and that your competence is documented in a way that allows for a factual, qualitative assessment. The complete application should be submitted by the end of the application deadline. An incomplete application may result in your competence not being assessed in all respects.

The application should include:

  • CV
  • List of scientific publications
  • Cover letter
  • Documented description of qualifications in relation to the position's content.
  • Copies of grades, certificates, and degrees.
  • Two references, of which at least one is from a previous or current manager.

All documents that you wish to be part of your application should be attached to the digital application. Name each uploaded document so that its contents are clearly stated.

Application deadline: February 15, 2024

Welcome with your application!

Karlstad University has made a selection for this recruitment and therefore requests that contact with advertising sellers and recruitment service sellers be avoided.

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment The start date is March 1, 2024 or by agreement
Salary Monthly
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Karlstad
County Värmlands län
Country Sweden
Reference number REK2024/12
  • Anna Brunström, Professor, +46547001795
  • Stefan Alfredsson, Head of department , +46547001668
Union representative
  • Thomas Bragefors, SACO, +46547001714
  • Denita Gustavsson, OFR, +46547001434
Published 19.Jan.2024
Last application date 15.Feb.2024 11:59 PM CET

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