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The Faculty of Health, Science and Technology houses five departments, including the Department of Engineering and Chemical Sciences. Building and Construction Engineering is one of four subjects within the department. The subject offers one of the University’s engineering programmes - the Study Programme in Building and Construction Engineering. Construction accounts for a significant portion of the global climate impact and we therefore strive to address these challenges, from Bachelor’s level through to doctoral level. We do so by educating our students in areas such as sustainable construction, which includes various aspects of energy-efficiency and damp-proofing solutions, choosing the right materials, and circular economy. We are now looking for a senior lecturer to strengthen the Study Programme in Building and Construction Engineering. Skilled and committed employees who are well-equipped are one of the most important success factors for Karstad University.

The department includes a large research environment, Processes and Products for a Circular Bioeconomy (Pro2BE) https://www.kau.se/en/pro2be. Research on Building and Construction Engineering is mainly conducted within the framework of Pro2BE. Building and Construction Engineering as a subject has grown significantly in recent year in terms of the number of research studies conducted. A large portion of the research at the subject is focused on how wood materials can be utilised in modern, advanced structures. The group also utilises the finite element method to simulate the effects of stress on a material.


The main duties consist of teaching and developing courses in Building and Construction Engineering at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Teaching will primarily centre on building physics (heat and moisture in buildings), building materials and sustainable construction, as well as academically adjacent fields. Duties also include supervision, assessment, and participation in the internal and external projects of the department. You will be expected to actively make connections with the surrounding community and authorities to create collaboration projects for mutual exchange, as well as ensuring that the knowledge and expertise available at the university benefit society.

Work also includes contributing to current research conducted at the department within Pro2BE. To further research on Building and Construction Engineering, it is important to participate in applications for external research funding. Duties also include administrative tasks linked to research and education. Teaching in academically adjacent subjects and degree programmes may also be required when needed.

In order to contribute to a positive working environment and help further the subject’s activities, we expect you to be a present and active part of the day-to-day operations and workplace community.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the position of senior lecturer in Building and Construction Engineering, applicants are required have demonstrated teaching expertise. Applicants are also required to hold a Degree of Doctor or equivalent academic expertise in Building and Construction Engineering, or equivalent professional qualifications deemed relevant to the nature of the position and the duties included therein.

Further, the applicant is required to have good command of spoken and written Swedish and English that can be applied in communication and teaching.

Pursuant to Karlstad University’s Appointments Procedure, teachers must have the personal qualities required to perform the required duties, as well as a completed course in higher education pedagogy. Candidates who have not completed a course in higher education pedagogy may still be hired, provided that they use the time alloted to continual professional development to complete the required course within two years of employment, or that they apply for validation of prior learning. For other eligibility requirements, refer to Karlstad University’s Appointments Procedure https://intra.kau.se/dokument/upload/C10B9E16111ea194BCXq999FBF45/10_22 Beslut rev anstallnordn hela beslutet.pdf

Assessment criteria

In the assessment of research and teaching expertise, special weight will be given to teaching expertise. 

In the selection of eligible applicants, special weight will be given to:

  • - Documented experience of teaching higher education courses in Building and Construction Engineering
  • - Documented teaching expertise
  • - Expertise in building physics (heat and moisture in buildings) and building materials
  • - Personal qualities such as the ability to cooperate, taking responsibility and showing commitment.

In the selection of eligible applicants, considerable weight will be given to:

  • - Knowledge of software programmes for calculations of energy consumption and building physics design, which are commonly used in construction design, as well as experience of teaching these subjects at university level
  • - Comprehensive and up-to-date subject knowledge in Building and Construction Engineering
  • - Academic output within Building and Construction Engineering focusing an area of relevance to the position
  • - Expertise in contemporary Swedish building and construction engineering and the applicable laws and regulations
  • - Documented professional experience of relevance to the subject of Building and Construction Engineering outside academia.

In the selection of eligible applicants, weight will be given to:

  • - Demonstrated ability to secure external research funding
  • - Experience of collaborating with the wider community and disseminating research findings and development work.

Consideration will be given to both the scope and the direction of the experience with relevance to the duties included in the position.


This is a permanent full-time position starting 1 September 2023, or as agreed upon by both parties. A probationary period may be required.

Submit the application via the university’s web-based recruitment tool, Varbi. For advice on how to draft your application, refer to ”What should be include with my application?”. Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application in accordance with the advertisement, for providing translations of any documents written in a language other than Swedish or English, and for ensuring that the documentation allows for objective and qualitative assessments. A complete application should be submitted by the application deadline. An incomplete application may jeopardise a fair assessment of qualifications.

The application should include:

  • - CV
  • - cover letter
  • - an in-depth account of teaching experience
  • - certificate to verify a completed course in higher education pedagogy or an account of equivalent skills
  • - an in-depth account of research experience
  • - an account of other experiences of importance
  • - an account of managerial and administrative experience
  • - plans for future work
  • - an account of collaborations, international network experience, etc.
  • - a list of publications (in multi-authored publications, the role of the applicant must be specified)
  • - An account of language proficiency.
  • - copy of PhD degree or documented equivalent academic expertise, or equivalent professional qualifications deemed relevant to the nature of the position and the duties included therein.
  • - no more than 10 scientific publications and no more than 5 materials intended to convey knowledge, such as textbooks, computer programs for teaching, or popular science articles
  • - two references, at least one of which is a current or former supervisor

Attach all the documents and publications you wish to be considered to the electronic application (do not just provide links). Name each uploaded document to clearly indicate its content.

Documents that cannot be submitted electronically, such as books or publications, should be sent in triplicate to the following address:

Karlstads universitet
HR-avdelningen, Elisabeth Wessling

Application deadline: 2023-03-19            
State the reference no: 2022/298

We look forward to your application!

This translation carries no legal weight.

Karlstad University has chosen advertising channels for this recruitment and firmly declines any contact with advertising or recruitment agencies.

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Karlstad
County Värmlands län
Country Sweden
Reference number REK2022/298
  • Gunilla Carlsson Kvarnlöf, prefekt , +46722221919
  • Assad Almsaad, universitetslektor/ämnesföreträdare, +46761105796
Union representative
  • Thomas Bragefors, SACO, 054-7001714
  • Denita Gustavsson, OFR, 054-7001434
  • Tony Ingemarsson, Lärarförbundet, 054-7001404
Published 24.Dec.2022
Last application date 19.Mar.2023 11:59 PM CET

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