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A fully funded PhD position in computer science, focused on communication solutions for 5G, is available within the Distributed Systems and Communications (DISCO) Group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Karlstad University. Research within DISCO is focused on computer networking, cloud computing and next-generation technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things.

This position is focused on communication solutions connected to digitalization of health services and other novel services within the area of the next-generation networking system 5G. The work consists of developing, measuring and evaluating new protocols and algorithms to support novel services. There will also be opportunities to collect “big data” sets to use for optimization of communication solutions and design of new innovative services.

The candidate is expected to carry out research in this area by combining practical experiments, simulations and/or emulation of networks and protocols. Knowledge or experience within one or more of the areas of cellular and wireless communication (including 5G), communication protocols, network simulation/emulation, practical experience with Linux/Unix and data analysis are therefore desirable. It is required that the candidate has good programming skills, as well as proficiency of the English language (written and spoken).

The candidate is expected to work independently, as well as in teams, enthusiastically advancing the technology frontline. A majority of the work will be within the Region Värmland funded multidisciplinary project DigitalWell Research/DigitalWell Arena (www.digitalwell.eu), and the candidate is also expected to collaborate with researchers from other scientific disciplines, the public and private sectors, and industrial partners. It is therefore desirable that the candidate is able to perform well in collaborative work and has experience of working in projects. Proficiency in spoken and written Swedish is an advantage.

Eligible for this position are candidates that meet the general admission requirements as well as the specific admission requirements and be judged to have the ability otherwise required to pursue the programme successfully.

A person who has earned a master’s degree of at least 240 ECTS credits of which at least 60 ECTS credits are earned for studies at master’s level, or who in some other way in the country or abroad has acquired largely equivalent knowledge, has general eligibility for admission.

A person with a Master’s degree (60 credits) in computer science, a Master’s degree (120 credits) in computer science or a Master of Science degree in computer technology has special eligibility for admission to doctoral studies in computer science. A person who in some other way in the country or abroad has acquired equivalent qualifications also has special eligibility.

After admission to the PhD-education, an employment as "doktorand" will be offered, see Higher Education Ordinance 5 Chap.

Admission is based on individual assessment of the candidates’ abilities to successfully pass the research education.

Applications should be submitted electronically via the Karlstad University web-based recruitment tool, Varbi, with uploaded attachments.

The application should include the following items:

  • Cover letter describing the applicant and her/his research interests in relation to the announced position.
  • CV
  • Relevant diplomas and a list of attended courses with grades and dates
  • Copies of publications or proofs of other achievements if applicable

Non-electronic documents (state registration number REK 2019/88) can be sent to:

Karlstad University
Faculty of Health, Science and Technology
Att: Åsa Ivansson
651 88 Karlstad

Dr Stefan Alfredsson, Stefan.Alfredsson@kau.se, +46(0)54-700 1668

Application deadline: 23 May, 2019

Karlstad University has chosen advertising channels for this recruitment and decline any contacts from advertising or recruitment agencies.

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Spring 2019
Salary According to local agreement
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Karlstad
County Värmlands län
Country Sweden
Reference number REK2019/88
  • Dr Stefan Alfredsson, stefan.alfredsson@kau.se,, +46 (0)54-700 1668
Union representative
  • Denita Gustavsson, OFR, +46 (0)54-700 1434
  • Thomas Bragefors, SACO, +46 (0)54-700 1714
Published 02.May.2019
Last application date 23.May.2019 11:59 PM CEST

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